Other Lining Materials

Every refractory design requires a mix of bricks, castables, pre-cast shapes and/or other materials such as:

  • ferrules
  • ceramic felts (for expansion)
  • ceramic or bio soluble fiber blankets (1.260 - 1.600 °C)
  • ceramic or bio soluble fiber modules (1.260 - 1.600 °C)
  • lower grade insulating bricks (ASTM class 20 - 28)
  • vacuum formed ceramic blocks
  • anchors
  • etc.

Being a manufacturer and supplier of complete refractory lining solutions, Gouda Refractories has - over the years - established a network of first-class suppliers that can provide the materials required in a refractory lining and not manufactured by Gouda Refractories and that are in accordance with customer's specifications.





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