Gouda Refractories' production takes place in the Netherlands - bricks and precast shapes in Gouda and refractory monoliths in Geldermalsen. It is done to a certified standard quality. Life time, workability and reliability have top priority. Dialogue and co-operation with the customer mean that variations are possible. The R&D department, product managers and production departments carefully monitor every development in each group of industries. When a change in processes demands modification of its products, Gouda Refractories responds promptly - always taking into account important requirements such as a competitive price and quality. This is possible, thanks to continuous investment in production facilities and long-term relationships with both customers and suppliers of raw materials.


Precast Shapes

The specialised Prefab department is an extension of the press shop. In its prefab department Gouda Refractories manufactures all refractory shapes which can't be pressed. This ranges, for example, from non-standard bricks that are too big or are of a complex shape, to where metal anchors or frames are made or where only a few items are needed. In addition there are 'shop intems': parts of customers' structures that Gouda Refractories can provide with any desired refractory lining under ideal industrial conditions.


The Geldermalsen site produces a wide range of high-performance grades of refractory monoliths for all the prefab department's needs. In principle Prefab can satisfy any wish for refractory quality, shape, size, dimensional accuracy and finish. The essential thing with all prefab units is that their quality must be the same as the rest of the refractory structure. This demands innovative moulding techniques and strictly controlled use of monoliths, modern processing equipment and quality management and control. In their own two tunnel kilns and two batch kilns Gouda Refractories is also able to dry and fire the Prefab department's products at up to 1,680 degrees, so that a ceramic bond is created while baking.

Research & Development

Every application of refractory lining has special demands regarding the composition of the material and the technique of installing it. Gouda Refractories' R&D department has an advanced, ISO-certified laboratory for developing and testing the right formula, so that the properties of the material match the demands of the customer's process. These requirements may change because the customer's process evolves. There may also be changes in the environmental regulations, or costs may alter. In both refractory brick and monoliths there are numerous of variations possible, from very dense refractory to insulating refractory.


In a dialogue with the customer Gouda Refractories examines the choice of brick or monoliths, possible drying times, application techniques, speed of installation and/or longer lifecycle. Post mortem investigations help to increase the durability of materials and to deal with any questions from customers. Exchanging knowledge and joint projects with international well respected research institutes such as TNO, DIFK and CERAM increases the quality and range of applications of all refractory formulations. R&D is of great value to develop and train new refractory experts and for propagating specialised refractory knowledge. The well-attended annual Rafractory course contributes substantially to this process.



The organisational and physical proximity of other operating companies in the Andus Refractories division enables Gouda Refractories to generate synergy by working with associated companies such as Gouda Vuurvast Services and the subsidiaires abroad Gouda Vuurvast Belgium and Gouda Feuerfest Deutschland. This means we can not only deliver materials, we can also supply complete solutions. 


Gouda Refractories is conveniently located nearby Schiphol international airport and the port of Rotterdam. Transport costs from Gouda Refractories to customers are at a competitive level.