The hydrocarbon processing industry and the chemical industry demand high performance refractory products - ranging from a few kilos for local repairs to thousands of tons in new plants. As a production and engineering centre, Gouda Refractories works and thinks along with oil companies, licensors and engineering companies.


What matters the most is that all products and applications exactly match the specifications - and vice versa. Gouda Refractories' experts guarantee fit-for-purpose refractory engineering in both new construction and maintenance projects. For these they can rely on in house developed, well-considered knowledge of the business. This includes the distinct added value of understanding the customer's product and process.

Hydrocarbon Processing

Oil refineries and gas plants transform natural hydrocarbon resources (crude oil and natural gas) into various half and end products such as nafta, diesel, gasoline and syngas.   Half products a...




Chemicals based on hydrocarbons as well as chemicals based on other substances are processed in critical high temperature equipment.   Fertilizer, titania tetrachloride, hydrogen, phosphate but ...