Non Ferrous Metals

Gouda Refractories manufactures and delivers refractory linings for the production of non-ferrous metals. The world-beating trick to ensure the success of Gouda Refractories’ solution lies in the dimensional stability of the materials and the process related defence mechanisms. It is supported by a profound knowledge of the design process and the organisation and implementation of refractory systems.


Gouda Refractories uses high-quality raw materials that meet the special requirements of the industry and process. The customers know their processes and Gouda Refractories seamlessly matches the design and choice of materials to it.

Primary Aluminium

The primary aluminium industry converts bauxite ore into aluminium ingots that are used as base component in many secondary industries (automotive, domestic appliances, food and beverage, aviation ...



Secondary Aluminium

The secondary aluminium industry turns molten aluminium ingots and recycled aluminium into usable alloy profiles and shapes that are further down the process extruded, cut or cast into end products...




Zinc is used in many applications but mostly for cathodic protection of ships as well as galvanizing of metals. Zinc manufacturers have in the past changed their focus from pure zinc to zinc alloys...